MyeongDong Catholic Cathedral 2014 - Present 1898

Soohyang Collection

  • Brave, confident, wise, lovely, and beautiful princesses of Disney we love.
    Based on floral notes, Soohyang made fragrances that show each personality of princesses. Cherry blossom for Ariel, jasmine flower for Jasmine, Camellia Sinensis flower for Mulan, rose for Belle, and chamomile for Rapunzel.
  • Love comes true by calling it, Jeonghyuk fragrance. Destiny comes true by calling it, Seri fragrance. The LEELEE Collection with those 2 fragrances is the official merchandise of the tvN series ‘Crash landing on you’. In this series about the nearly impossible love of a North Korean officer and the 3rd generation of chaebol, the LEELEE candle appears as a medium that connects their love.
  • The official merchandise of Netflix original series ‘All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2’. Based on the original author Jenny Hahn’s intention, South Korea takes a big part in this show. As a leading fragrance brand of Korea, Soohyang started with the idea to transfer Lara Jean’s character in fragrance, created various products inspired by her note, and love relationships.
  • A fragrance transferred the color of the new Galaxy S10 model ‘Flamingo pink’ of Samsung mobile in scent.
  • A holiday fragrance for the shared mobility service ‘Tada’.
  • Series of fragrances contained in ceramics, collaborated with the leading ceramic brand Kwangjuyo. Soohyang put fragrance into the ceramics made by Kwangjuyo.
    The fragrances are named after Korean words that have refined and candid meanings with beautiful sounds, Danah (Grace), Cheongah (Clarity), and Uah (Elegance).
  • A fragrance for the exhibition ‘Weather’ at D Museum.
    Fragrances transferred sunshine, darkness, the sound of rain, fog, snow, and rain, were purchasable through a vending machine.
  • A package recomposed of sing-a-song-writer Yerin Baek’s 3 favorite Soohyang fragrances, using her favorite color blue.
  • Created 22 fragrances matching with 22 colors.
    As the color is darkened or changes to another color, the gradient of fragrance also changes.
    Matching colors and fragrance with the motto ‘Everything you can see and feel can be expressed with scent’.
  • In 2016, created 4 fragrances matching 4 spaces, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and study. Made 4 room sprays with 4 graphic designs.

    In 2014, created a fragrance reminiscing the natural and happy memories of the word ‘home’.
  • A fragrance celebrating the 20th anniversary of Vogue Korea, ‘Smell like Vogue’
  • A rose scent wax tablet containing dried Bulgarian rose petals, created for the February issue of Allure magazine.
  • A fragrance for the exhibition ‘Sympathy’ celebrating the 10th anniversary of Leeum museum. On the ceramic container made by a master craftsman, put 3 themed fragrances connecting the ancient and present.
  • The fragrance of Myeongdong Cathedral, which is the main architecture of Myeongdong built in 1898 and has been with the history of modernization of Seoul. Frankincense mentioned in the bible is used as a core fragrance.
  • The second city and the biggest harbor city in South Korea, Busan. The scent of Haeundae, which is the most beloved place in Busan. An iconic fragrance has the salty and clear breeze of the seaside mixed with the cheerful mood of the beach.
  • Matched a scent of Jeju tangerine flower fragrance with the Kensington Hotel-a luxury resort hotel representing Jeju island.
    The cheerful and bright fragrance resembles a fine spring day in Jeju.
  • A fragrance has a concept of a romantic day at sophisticated Plaza Hotel, which is a landmark in front of Seoul city hall.
  • The first Aquabus fragrance, born in Incheon.
  • A fragrance of ‘Namaste’, collaborated with LuluLemon Korea.
    A candle for ritual for the beginning and the end of yoga practice.
  • A fragrance of Fissler Korea’s "Fissler & I" campaign, motivated by paintings of Sangho Noh. A rich scent of rose which is reminiscent of a rose garden of his artwork makes the kitchen life lively.
  • A fragrance for a special holiday of Innisfree, a collection embodies the mood of the splendid year-end, thankfulness, and joy.

    2015, Green Christmas Warm wood, Snow Tree, Sweet Holiday

    2016, Special wish collection Special Wish, Full of Joy
  • A fragrance for a special holiday of Innisfree, a collection embodies the mood of the splendid year-end, thankfulness, and joy.

    2015, Green Christmas Warm wood, Snow Tree, Sweet Holiday

    2016, Special wish collection Special Wish, Full of Joy
  • A fragrance matches Dalphin’s iconic yellow aromatherapy oil.
    Composed of woody, citrus, floral, and refreshing green scents that contain the secret of healthy beauty.
  • A candle set celebrating the 1st anniversary of the launch of Shiseido Ultimune. With the concept of protecting the skin by fragrances from 3 red signals, stress, time, and exposure. The set contains a fragrance eliminating stress, a fragrance stopping time, and a fragrance blocking exposure.
  • A contemplation on the moment when scent changes life.
    A fragrance collection for the fashion brand ‘8 Seconds’ which has a concept of 8 seconds for falling in love with fashion.
  • A fragrance for the collaboration campaign of Uniqlo and INES DE LA FRESSANGE.
  • A fragrance for the fashion book ‘Second Society’ of the women’s romantic fashion brand O’2nd.
  • A fragrance of city dwellers’ life, with the designer brand Low Classic.
  • A fragrance for the modern casual fashion brand Lewitt.
  • A memento for H&M Daegu opening.
  • A fragrance for the campaign at multi-brand select shop of LF, ‘Around the Corner’.
  • A fragrance using the scent of peach that symbolizes long life, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Hongkong’s leading concept store I.T.

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